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  • Size 1 Scrundies - Galaxy Print

    Size 1 Scrundies Fits 12-18 months

    Made from High Quality Cotton Elastane Fabrics

    SIZING GUIDE (Approx):
    Hips: 50.8cm
    Waist: 48cm
    Child Height: 77-81cm

    NZ$ 10.00
  • Size 3 Scrundies - Solid Colors Bundle Pack - Bamboo Elastane

    Size 3 Scrundies 
    Multi Pack of Solid Colors

    Made from High Quality Bamboo Elastane Fabrics making them super soft and breathable.

    SIZING GUIDE (Approx):
    Hips: 55.8cm
    Waist: 53cm
    Child Height: 92.6-96cm

    NZ$ 25.00

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